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Retails environments can be very hazardous places, it is important that operations managers and centre managers have accurate information regarding incidents that occur on site reported as soon as possible to minimise litigation occurrences. SynergyLink is currently being used by many centre managers to not only report on incidents and risks that occur in the retail centres but also to monitor and manage on incidents involving thefts, assaults and damage to property.

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Through SynergyLink your managers and supervisors can report on daily shift occurrences that may be unique to your individual site and any level of management will be able to access these reports at any time. SynergyLink can be used to monitor and map incidents like Near Misses, Lost time Injuries, sprains, Workplace Fatigue.

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Flexible & Customizable.

Licensed Venue

Licensed venues today have been placed under greater pressure to prove that they are doing all they can to manage alcohol related incidents at their venues. Licensed venues across the country need to be able to prove that a comprehensive security management plan has been established and that the plan is being reviewed on a regular basis. Nowhere is this more important than in NSW, due to the introduction of the 3 strikes disciplinary scheme where serious penalties are served and can even result in the revocation of licenses.

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